Pricing Policy

Prices are in Canadian currency.

Prices include the following unless otherwise specified:

  • DNA certificate
  • Starting supply of quality pellet diet
  • Support and consultation (excluding veterinary services) based upon our 40 years of experience with companion parrots
  • Limited 3 day health guarantee from the day of shipment or pick-up

Prices do not include:

  • Shipping via WestJet or Regional Carrier or an alternate delivery charge, if required.
  • Airline shipping fees are a flat rate of $350.00.  This includes the flight, a reusable pet carrier with perch and dishes and a cargo shipping container
  • Veterinary examination or viral testing by our avian veterinarian (additional fee)

Prices are for a single healthy, spoon-fed, fully-weaned chick or juvenile parrot. 

To reserve a chick, a 25% non-refundable deposit is required and will be applied to the purchase price.  If, because of unforeseen circumstances, the chick cannot be delivered, the deposit will be refunded in full.

Payment options are by cash, certified cheque, direct wire transfer or e-mail money transfer.

All fees must be paid in full before shipment or pick-up of the parrot.

Our parrots come with a 3 day limited health guarantee from the day of shipment. You are given the opportunity to have the bird examined by a certified avian veterinarian, at your expense, within 72 hours of arrival time. Should a health problem be diagnosed that cannot be cured or is cost prohibitive, we shall, at our discretion, replace the bird with one of the same kind, or refund your money. We reserve the right to get a second opinion, at our expense, before issuing the refund.

Any and all potential "parents" must go through our strict screening process before placements are approved.

As experienced breeders, we are providing you with a fully-weaned and healthy bird.  It is your responsibility to keep this bird healthy, happy and socialized.  

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Updated August 15, 2022

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