Yellow Shouldered Amazon (Amazona barbadensis)

Yellow Shouldered Amazons can be found found in northern Venezuela, the islands of Margarita,
La Blanquilla, and Bonaire.

Generally the Yellow Shouldered Amazon is mostly green with yellow on the head, shoulders and thighs.

Mature birds are about 31 cm (12 in.). Adult Weight: 270g (9.4 oz)

Social Behaviours:
Yellow Shouldered Amazons are playful, intelligent and very curious. They can become good talkers.

Yellow Shouldered Amazons are acrobats. They are active and enjoy swings and hanging toys.

50 to 60 years, depending on nutrition and care.

The information provided here is a quick profile of the species and by no means complete.
More comprehensive information can be obtained from many other sites on the internet.
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Updated June 30, 2024
Yellow Shouldered Amazon Parrot

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