Hawkhead Parrot  (deroptyus accipitrinus)

Hawkhead Parrots can be found in Guyana, Brazil, Columbia, Peru and Surinam

The Hawkheads have a ruff of red feathers tipped with blue on the back of their neck that can be raised at will.  This ruff is raised when the birds is excited.  Their chest is covered in red/blue feathers.  The rest of the bird is mostly green. The face is darker and covered in little light speckles which seem to merge on their forehead to make almost a cream colour.  

Size - Weight:
Length: 35cms/14 inches Weight: 250-325 grams

Social Behaviors:
They are very social and will become quite attached to their human caretaker. Their call is either a very soft cooing or talking when in it wants affection. The Hawk-Headed Parrot is quiet when playing alone in its cage. They can become very excited or upset and will make a high-pitched call that can be quite loud. Their play can be rough and care should be taken so it does not become overly excited. Just having a few seconds of time out will prevent this.

The Hawk-Headed Parrot is quite creative in its ability to amuse themselves, as they are inquisitive, playful and intelligent. They definitely enjoy swinging from toys. They like playing with toys and crawling up cage bars and soft furnishings.  They will raise their crest when they are excited, threatened or tickled.  They are very affectionate and will let you know. Hawkheads will even attack strangers if they feel that their favourite human is threatened.

Approximately 30-40 years, depending on nutrition and care.

The information provided in these pages is a quick profile of the species and by no means complete.
More comprehensive information can be obtained from many other sites on the internet.
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Updated May 28, 2023

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