Goffin Cockatoo (Cacatua goffini) 

Goffin Cockatoo's are native to the Tenimber islands of Indonesia. 

Goffin's Cockatoos are a smaller cockatoo that is white with pink highlights in front of the eyes and on the breast. Goffins are one of the better talkers among the cockatoos. They can be taught all kinds of tricks.

Size - Weight:
Size: 32cm (12.5 in) Weight: 300g (10.5 oz) . 

Social Behaviors:
The Goffin Cockatoo is a very active and playful bird. Because of their playfulness they need many toys to stimulate them. They enjoy time out of the cage and can be quite cuddly.

Goffins love to climb and play and chew. Provide lots of toys

Approximately 35-40 years, depending on nutrition and care.

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Updated January 14, 2023

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