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Updated July 1, 2019
Panoramic Photo of Kenora Harbour Front 2012
Kenora harbourfront on Lake of the Woods
Working nest box
Hawkhead Parrots

On Eggs

Chicks in nest box

Chicks in nursery
African Congo Greys - 7
Derbyan Parakeets-3

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Galah Cockatoo
Kenora Harbour Front Goodwill Geyser 2012
Kenora Harbourfront Tent
Kenora harbourfront on Lake of the Woods
Kenora harbourfront Whitecap Pavilion
Kenora City Hall
Kenora City Hall
Husky the Muskie

Congo African Grey
White Bellied Caique
Red Lored Amazon
Severe Macaw
Double Yellow Headed Amazon
Blue Front Amazon